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The paramedics give their handover on arrival.

It is now 01:46

"Wadih Hakim is a 42 year old male originally from Saudi Arabia. The 999 call was for chest pain, which started at 0100 this morning.  His wife called an ambulance because she thought he looked grey.  Mr Hakim described the pain as a dull ache. He has had the symptoms on and off for the last 1 hour. On arrival in the department he is still in pain."


His Ambulance sheet records are as below. The senior charge nurse has double checked the allergy history and the current pain score which is 6/10. He moves to leave you with a staff nurse and the patient.

Paramedic Record: Call time 01:33

Paramedic Arrival time 01:37

Patient Details:

Mr Wadih Hakim


NHS Number 043242728743

22 Woodlake cross, Westhills

Assessment nurses notes:  (PC, HPC, DHx)

Central Chest pain

First Episode, 9/10 severity

Radiating to Jaw

Still in Pain




Current pain score 6/10


HPC Nil, no surgery previously, last saw GP >10 years ago.


SH wife, non smoker, no ETOH. Architect. Normally fit and well ET>10 miles

SE Nil other problems

Drugs Administered

Aspirin 300mg 0140

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