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Case Studies

UChoose has deployed several very successful cases over the last few years.


nodesGPSim is a simulation focussed on providing CPD for GPs around early signs of cancer. Commissioned by the Avon Somerset & Wiltshire Cancer services network and authored by GPs.

The cases are focussed on increasing awareness of early signs of survival as well as highlighting the support available to GPs from the network.

The cases simulate a GP consultation and are presented as branched systems that offer the learner various pathways and outcomes depending upon the decisions that they make.

The player is able to engage in a conversation with each patient, represented as an avatar, as well as access pertinent data such as medical records to inform their decisions. The patient set consists of mix of cases, some with early signs of cancer and some control cases so that the consultation is not a foregone outcome.

Evaluation Comments

"Good patient simulation, and virtual interaction"
“Good availability of background information.”
“Interactive, interesting & novel”
“Simulates a GP consultation quite well”
“Easier to learn on a case based situation”
"It was fun, relevant, short, accessible. Good to have the learning resources immediately after you have struggled with a case because then they are most relevant."




Virtual Drug Round

nodesMedication administration is a skill that many students find difficult as there are many decisions that need to be made to ensure the process is safe. We know that there are many points where errors can occur which have serious consequences for our service users (NPSA 2007.)

A virtial patient, Mrs Jones, was created so that student nurses could work with their 'virtual mentor' on the virtual drug rounds. They learn about how to check the patient, drug chart and medication so that they keep Mrs Jones safe from harm.

Evaulation Results

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83% of students agreed that they felt more prepared for their practical assessment (OSCE) after using the VDR More than 80% of students found the VDR simple to use 91% said they would recommend the VDR to a friend


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