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Best Practices

trophyThe key to a successful case is a persuasive narrative combined with observable consequences arising from the the players' decisions.
Consider the implementation of your case; self directed, group workshop, assessment, blended simulation or PBL model. 

Listed below are some of the central elements in creating a case-based scenario.

  • Provide a  realistic and compelling narrative - players will respond to an engaging story.
  • Set the rules, background, context and expectations - define the player's role (nurse, lawyer, GP, Health and Safety Officer), estimated playing time, what is the learner expected to do, how is performance assessed?
  • Define the ideal path - the sequence of steps (decisions) leading to the best possible outcome.
  • Add decisions at critical points in line with intended learning outcomes - decisions should be challenging, appropriate and stimulating.
  • Complete the narrative - add images, video, audio, interactive exercises, MCQs and instant feedback to enhance the scenario.
  • Add feedback - provide feedback on nodes visited/not visited, counters, MCQ results, time taken, data items requested.
  • Test, re-test and pilot - run several test sessions with colleagues and more importantly, potential learners. Allow anonymous feedback for honest opinions



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