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Editing Nodes

You can edit a node in one of two different ways:

  • using the graphical editor - the most common way when creating cases
  • 'inline' from the player - very useful for making changes when playing or testing a case

We'll deal with the editor first.


Using the Graphical Editor


Right click the root node and select 'Edit' then click 'Edit Title'


double click the root node.

Note: selected nodes are highlighted by a yellow 'halo'

2 Either method will open the editor on the 'Settings' tab.
Enter a meaningful title then click the 'Content' tab.
3 The 'Content' tab displays any text and images you want to the player to see. There is a familiar tools ribbon for formatting, adding images and hyperlinks etc.

As this is the root node and therefore the 1st page the player will see you would normally set the case scenario.

Enter some explanatory text then click the 'picture' icon as we're going to insert an image.

editor ribbon

edit content tab
4 We're going to 'Upload a New Image' but alternatively you could search for an existing image in the UChoose media library.

Select the appropriate image size from the drop down list
Check the 'Copyright Permission' having agreed to the terms

Enter a meaningful image title (you may wish to use it later and will need to search for it)

Click 'Browse' then find and select the intended image by clicking 'Open'.
 insert image
5  Click 'Upload'  upload image
6  Your image has successfully been uploaded.
Click 'OK' to return to the node editor then 'OK' again to return to the canvas.

To view the changes that we've made, right click the newly renamed 'Introduction' (root) node and click 'Preview/Play From Here' or refresh your 'Preview Node' tab/window.
 image uploaded
6 You should now have something similar.

(Click image for full screen version)
player view with image


Accessing Connected Nodes Directly

You can edit connected nodes directly from within the node editor using the 'Pathways' tab, as well as change the order of the options (pathways) as displayed in the player.

1 Select the 'Pathways' tab, click on the destination then the yellow arrow button.  pathways tab 
2 The destination node, 'Outcome 1', loaded into the editor. destination node


Using the Inline Editor

1 Click the icon in the top right hand corner (just below the green menu) then choose which item you'd like to edit from the list shown.
These items correspond to the node editor tabs and have to be accessed separately.

(Click image for full screen version)
edit node from inline editor


Deleting Nodes

1 Right click the unwanted node and select 'Delete this Node' delete node

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