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Creating Nodes

A node is graphical representation of each interconnected step of your case and equates to a single web page displaying information to the player.

Its content can take the form of text, hyperlinks, images, video, audio, quizzes, flash and customizable widgets.


1 To add or edit existing nodes you need to open and use the editor.

In the 'Author Cases' section click the edit icon from the 'Author' pages.

This will open a new window or tab.
Depending on your browser you may have to agree to pop ups.
edit case
2 When the editor loads you are presented with a graphical representation of your case on the 'canvas'.

The 'root node' is created by default and is always red.
new canvas
3 To create a new node connected to the root simply click the arrow until it highlights, then drag across the canvas and release. drag new node
4 Once created and you will see the node information which default to the 'Settings' tab.

Give the node a meaningful title, click 'Give pathways pointing to this node this title' then click 'OK' to close the window.

We'll deal with 'pathways' in a little more detail later but there's an important distinction between 'Node title' and 'Pathway title' as they will not always be the same text.

The 'Pathway title' is the hyperlink text in the previous node leading to this current one and its default value is 'continue'. We've now changed it to 'Outcome 1' for illustrative purposes.
edit node title
5 The new node is added to the canvas and is connected to the root node. new node added
6 Repeating steps 3 and 4 we now have our first, simple branching case. 2 node added
6 Lets see what this actually looks like when played.
Right click on the root node and select 'Preview/Play From Here'.

(This will launch a new window or tab - you may have to allow pop ups.)
2 node added
7 Although there is no content you can see that we have a root node with a decision to make from 2 possible options.

The link text 'Outcome 1' and 'Outcome 2' are the pathway labels and clicking them will lead to their relevant nodes.

(Click image for full screen version)

2 node added

Alternatively, you can create unconnected nodes directly on the canvas.

1 Right click on the canvas and select 'Add Node Here'.

The node editor window will appear as above in step 4.
Complete the details as necessary.
 add node
2 The newly created node is is 'orphaned' and will play no part in our case until it is connected to another node.

To do this click and drag the red arrow from the node you want it connected to onto the new node - once successful the new node will highlight green and you can release the mouse.
connect node


  • you can organize your canvas by moving nodes around - click, hold and drag the node to its new position
  • there is no save option, the editor saves all your actions in real time.
  • you can adjust the scale of the canvas using the zoom tool in the top right hand corner zoom tool


Next we'll add some content to the nodes.

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