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A 'pathway' is simply the connection between 2 nodes and appears as a hyperlink to the player.
It represents the decision that the player will make.

Editor view

editor view
    Player view
player view
When you create a new node its default pathway label is 'Continue' unless you click 'Give pathways pointing to this node this title?' in which case it takes its label from the node title that it points to.   node editor window
There are times when you might want the 'pathway label' and corresponding 'node title' to be different, ie the final node or when there is a direct consequence of a decision taken.

To rename a pathway double click the small blue circle on the intended pathway and enter a new label in the 'Pathway Label' window.
   click pathway icon
pathway editor
The amended view now looks like below.
Editor view

editor view
  Player view
player view
You can view the pathway labels (as in the screenshots) using the slide out tools menu.

Click the tools icon (spanner) then check 'Pathway Labels' under the 'Display' options.

Click anywhere on the canvas to hide the menu when finished.

  editor view

Deleting Pathways

Right click the pathway and select 'Delete Pathway'.

The easiest way to select a pathway is to hover its mouse over the blue central circle, the pathway highlights red when successful.

    delete node

Moving Pathways

You move a pathway from node to another if it is pointing at the wrong one.
This saves the deleting and creating a new one

Click the central blue circle of the pathway you wish to move and drag onto the new, intended node. Release the mouse button when the node is highlighted green.

See the video for a demonstration.

Changing the Order of the Options (Pathways)

1 Currently the player view of available options is as shown but we want to change the order. options

Open up the node editor on the 'Pathways' tab by:

right click the node and select 'Edit' then click 'Edit Pathways'
double click the node and select the 'Pathways' tab.

Select one of the nodes and using the green arrows move it up or down as required.

pathways tab
3 The options order has changed as shown.
Click 'OK' to close the node editor.
re-ordered options
3 The updated player view now reflects the change in option order.

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