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A 'counter'  is a defined value that dynamically changes depending on the decisions that the player makes.

They are an ideal way of providing instant, visual feedback of a player's progress throughout a case and can add a layer of realism or immersion.
Examples might include; score, cost, time, customer satisfaction etc but they are also used to store MCQ and activity scores.

Upon completion of a case automatic feedback can be provided based on the counter's final value, ie 'you were over budget'' or 'you upset the customer'.


Adding Counters

 1 Before using counters we need to add them to the case first.
Click the 'Edit Case' icon.
click tools 
 2 Select the 'Counters' tab from the left then 'Add Counter' add counter
 3 Enter a title, check 'Is Enabled', provide a suffix and/or prefix if necessary and a starting value.

In this example example we'll be using a numerical value to represent a budget so '£' is our prefix.

Finally, check 'Show in Player' if you want your players to see this changing value as they progress through the case then click the 'Create Counter' button.
 insert counter
 4 For illustrative purposes we've added another counter called 'Time'. No suffix (ie minutes) has been added as this counter will be displayed as a digital clock.

The process is exactly the same as above.

Click 'OK' to finish adding counters
 counters added

Counter Actions

We've successfully added 2 counters to our case but they won't actually do anything, other than stay at their initial values, until we add some 'counter actions' to the nodes.

A 'counter action' changes the value of a counter and is set in the nodes.


 1 Decide which node is going to change the counter value then right click it and select 'Edit' -> 'Edit Counter Actions'.

In our example making 'Decision 1' is going to have time and budget implications.
edit counter action 
 2 Click the yellow + icon next to budget to load the counter action window.

You can increment (+), decrement (-) or set an entirely new value (=) for the counter using calculator interface.

In this example we have reduced the 'Budget' by £500.
Click 'OK'
3 Repeating the process we've added 10 mins (600 seconds) to the time counter. counter calculator
 4 Now we can see the 'counter actions' for both the 'Budget' and 'Time' counters and how their values will be changed when the 'Outcome 1' node is visited.

Click 'OK'.
 counters added
 5 Lets see this in action from the player's view.
As usual, right click the root node and click 'Preview/Play From Here'.

'Budget' is set to its initial value of £1500 and the 'Time' is set to 00:00:00

Click 'Decision 1' to take take us to the node where the 'counter actions' will fire.

root node in player
 6 The 'Budget' has been reduced by £500 to £1000 and the 'Time' increased to 10 minutes (600 seconds). counter actions fired

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