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Counter Rules

'Counter Rules' are rules that redirect the player to a specific node when the value (or condition) of a counter is met.

For example, if the Budget is less than or equal to £0.00 then redirect the player to the end of the case.
'Counter Rules' reside on the case properties and not the individual nodes.

Lets take a look at our very simple example from the 'Counters' section.


1 Following on from the previous section we have amended the 'Budget' 'Counter's' initial value to £500 so that visiting the 'Outcome 1' node again will immediately reduce the budget to £0.00. new budget
2 Also, we've attached a 'Finish' node to 'Outcome 2'. extra node added
3 Now to add a 'Counter Rule'.

Click the 'Edit Case' (pencil) icon.
Select 'Counter Rules' tab then click the 'Add New Rule' button.
counter rules section
4 Complete the rule criteria as shown.

Basically, the rule will redirect the player to the 'Finish' node when, and only when, the 'Budget' counter has a value of 0 or less.

Click 'OK'
 counter rule details
5 Add more rules if needed then click 'OK'

Note: If more than 1 rule is used and their conditions are met at the same time then priority is given to 1st in the list

Lets see this in action from the player's view.

Right click the root node and select 'Preview/Play From Here'
The new budget is £500.

Click 'Decision 1'.

7 Previously, we would have landed on the 'Outcome 1' node but now we are redirected straight to the 'Finish' node.

This is a result of the budget being reduced to £0.00 (counter action on 'Outcome 1' node) which in turn fires our counter rule above.

There is no way to visit the 'Finish' node from 'Outcome 1' without the use of a rule.

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