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Counters and MCQ Scores

If you are using MCQs in your case you may wish to keep to track of the player's score.
This score could be used to provide feedback at the end of the case or redirect the player to another node if, for example, they perform particularly well or badly.

In this case we need to 'store' the MCQ score in a counter.

If you aren't already you need to be familiar with 'counters' and how to set them up - Step by Step Guide to Counters

1 Click 'Edit Case' (pencil icon) and select the 'Counters' tab.
Add new a new counted called 'MCQ Score' as shown.

Click 'OK'
new counter
2 To add an MCQ, right click the 'Outcome 2' node and select 'Edit' > 'Edit Resources'. edit resources
3 Click the 'Question' button. add question
4 Add 1 simple question similar to that shown.

(MCQs are covered in more detail in the previous 'Resources' section so we are not concerned with the details here.).

From the drop down list ensure that the counter 'MCQ Score' is selected.

The player's MCQ result will be added to the counter upon completion of the quiz.

Click 'OK'
 add question
5 Let's see this from the player's view.

Currently the MCQ score is 0 its initial value.

Select 'Yes' and click 'Answer'
answer mcq
6 The MCQ is marked and the counter 'MCQ Score' dynamically increases to 1.

This score will persist throughout the case and can be added to using other MCQs if needed.
mcq answered

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