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nodesA  key feature of UChoose is the automated player feedback allowing authors to provide adaptive comments based on the player's decisions.
The following criteria are available to provide comments on:

  • counter values
  • time taken
  • nodes visited/ not visited
  • data items requested


General comments can also be provided although these will not be tailored to the player's particular journey.


1 Click the 'Tools' (pencil) icon then select 'Feedback'.

2 General - comments are displayed upon completion of the case regardless of path taken.

On 'General' create your comments using the text editor to format and add images if necessary.
3 Time Taken - the actual* time taken to play the case from start to end.

Select the 'Time Taken' tab and click 'Add Time Taken Feedback' button.

* You may wish to consider using a 'time' counter which increments dependent on which decisions the player makes - for example 'send patient for x-ray' adds 2 hours to the time counter.
add time feedback 
4 Specify the conditions under which you require the message to be displayed.
In our example we have 'time taken is less than 5minutes'.

You can add more time conditions if you like, for example display the message 'That took too long!' if the case took longer than 1 hour (360 mins).

Click 'OK' to finish
time conditions
5 Counters - display feedback based on the final value of a counter.

In our example we provide comments if the budget has been spent.

Select the 'Counters' tab and click the 'Add Counter Feedback' button.
add counter feedback
 6 Complete the fields as shown - select the counter, set the condition under which feedback will displayed and finally the message.

As above, you can set several conditions at once to display completely different feedback messages.

Click 'OK' when finished.
counter details
7 Nodes Visited/Not Visited - custom feedback based on whether a node has been visited or not. Comments can be tailored to the decisions that a player made.

Select the 'Visited Nodes' tab then click the 'Add Visited Node Feedback'.
add node visited feedback
8 We have selected the node titled 'Background Information', the option 'Not Visited' and typed a quick feedback message.

Click 'OK' to finish.

Once again, you can build up several items of feedback based on the player's choices by repeating steps 7 & 8.
feedback added
9 Data Item Request - provide feedback based on whether a player requested data items or not.

Select the 'Data Item Request' tab and click the 'Add Data Item Request Feedback' button.
add data item feedback
10 As shown we have added a congratulatory message if the player requests the blood test.

Repeating this process we could easily provide feedback if they don't request the blood test by unchecking 'Requested'.

Note: You can specify on which node the request was made if this fits your scenario.
feedback added
11 Finally, the player's view upon completion of the case. feedback added

Although our examples are very simple, hopefully, you can see how rich and varied the feedback system could actually be.

It is worth bearing in mind that how you wish to use the feedback could ultimately inform the design of your case.

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