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Sharing & Publishing

At some point you are going to want others to play your new case whether for testing purposes, author collaboration or released to your 'players'.

You can allow named individuals (usually colleagues and co-authors) to play or author your case during the editing stages and, once complete, publish it to a specific group (faculty, department or organization etc).

Individuals must already have an existing UChoose account.

Managing ''groups' is simplified by using 'Access codes' which allows prospective players to register for your 'Group'.
This saves having to manually enrol or administer groups of players.



1 To access the 'Share Case' options click the 'Edit Case' (pencil icon) and select the 'Share Case' tab.  tools menu - share case
2 To add a player(s) select the 'Individuals' tab.

Enter their username/email address in the highlighted textbox (this has an auto-complete feature), select the sharing level as 'Play' then click 'Assign User'.
3 The process is similar to add an author(s) with the exception that the sharing level is 'Author'.

Note: 'Authors', as the name suggests, can edit your case so you need need to be certain that you want to allow this level of access.

'Authors' always have 'Play' access and do not need to be added to both levels.
add author



Before adding a 'Group' to your case you need to request one.

Click the 'Request Group' button and provide a name and reason for the group.

Also, if you require an 'Access Code' to allow players to register onto your group then please state so.

This request will then be sent to the UChoose administrators who will create the group and then email you to confirm that the group has been created.

Once this process is complete you can enter the group name and click 'Assign Group' as shown.

2 If your 'players' want to play your case then they have to register first by entering the 'Access Code' into the UChoose player as highlighted. enter code

enter code



'Publishing' a case is to make it available to 'Groups' AND lock it from any further editing.

If you need to make any changes to the case you must 'Unpublish' it first. Doing so will make it unavailable to any 'Groups' that may have access.

Individual player/authors are unaffected by the 'Publishing'/'Unpublishing' process and will always be able to play the case.

Select the 'Publish' tab and then click the 'Publish'/'Unpublish' button as required.


Access Rules

'Access Rules' allow a case to only be played within a time/date window and restrict the number of times that a case can be played.
This is particularly useful for assessments.

1 Select the 'Access' tab then click 'Add Access Rule' access tab 
2 Select 'Access Period' from the drop down then enter a from and until date/time using the date picker - the calendar icon on the right side of the text box.

Enter a message to be be displayed to your players outside of the access period.

Ensure 'Is Enabled' is checked.

Click 'OK'
access period
3 Click 'Add Access Rule' again and complete the fields as shown.

Click 'OK'.
max number
4 As you can see we have set 2 access rules to allow the case to be played once between 16 and 23 January 2014.

Outside of these dates the case cannot be played by a group.
access rules complete

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