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Data Items

'Data Items' are snippets of information that are accessible to the player throughout the entire case (except conditional data items).
Generally speaking they are pieces of additional data that are not included in the actual nodes and the player has to request them.

It may be the case that you want your players to search out these details rather than providing them in an obvious manner, other times they can provide additional context and a backstory to make your case more immersive.


1 Player view of 'Data Items' (Further Information) - Background Information and Medical Record. player view of data items 
2 Clicking 'Background Information' results in a pop window shown to the player.

As with the node editor you can format text, add images and hyperlinks.
background information
3 To add a 'Data Item' click the  'Tools' button (pencil icon) then select 'Data Items'. tools
4 Click the 'Add Data Item' button. add data item
5 Complete the fields as shown,  formatting your text and adding any media if necessary

Take a look at the 'Data Item Type' dropdown as there a variety of different categories that may suit your needs.
In this example we have a 'Document'.
data items

Conditional Data Items

There may be occasions when you only want data items to display if they have been requested by the player.
This condition can be achieved  using 'data item rules' which specify that data items are only shown (or hidden) if a certain node is visited.

2 methods are available as shown below.

For illustrative purposes we have changed the names of our 2 connecting nodes to 'Request Background Information'' and 'Don't Request Background Information'

1 Having added a data item from the tools menu (see above), click the green plus button. data items
2 Select which node on which the rule is to fire (Request Background Information) and whether the data item is to be shown (visited) or hidden (not visited).

Click 'OK'

To clarify:
  • 'Visited' - data item is hidden until the node is visited
  • 'Not Visited' - data item is displayed from the start until node is visited when it will be hidden
add rule
3 The rule has now been added to the data item.

Click 'OK' to close.
rule added
4 Alternatively, you can add a rule from the 'Rules' tab in the node editor.

Right click the intended node and selected 'Edit Rules'.

Clicking the green plus button will access the same window as in step 2.

add from node
5 Reviewing our changes in the UChoose player you can see that the data item is not displayed on the 'Introduction' node.

Select 'Request Background Information'
6 The data item rule has fired and the 'Background Information' is displayed.  

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