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nodesAn interactive case-based scenario OR A branched narrative scenario.?????



nodesA graphical representations of each interconnected step of your case which equate to a single web page displaying information to the player.



nodesThe connection between 2 nodes which appears as a hyperlink to the player.
It represents the decision that the player will make.


Media Resources


Enhance your case with images, video, audio, interactive exercises (Flash and HTML5).




Reinforce the player's understanding with multiple choice and free text questions.




A defined value that dynamically changes depending on the decisions that the player makes.

They are an ideal way of providing instant, visual feedback of a player's progress throughout a case and can add a layer of realism or immersion.
Examples might include; score, cost, time, customer satisfaction etc but they are also used to store MCQ and activity scores.



nodesImmediate feedback can be provided during the case or adaptive upon completion.
Based on several criteria; decisions made, time taken, counter values, MCQ scores and data items requested.
The entire process is automatic.



nodesRules can be used to control the player's journey based their decisions.

Counter rules redirect the player to a particular node once a counter condition is met - for example if the 'Budget counter' is less than or equal to £0.00 then redirect the player to the end of the case. 

Node rules determine whether a particular node is accessible or not depending on having visited (or not visited) a specific previous node - for example you can only access the node 'walk the dog'  having visited node 'put dog lead on'

Data Item rules determine whether a particular data item (see below) is visible depending on having visited (or not visited) a specific previous node - for example you can only see the data item 'xray' after  having visited node 'get xray'


Data Items

nodesAdditional information available to the player upon request.
Examples might include; medical records, financial reports, surveys, health and safety guidelines and legal documents.



nodesBuild your own activities and exercises using UChoose's HTML5 wizard and pass the score to a counter.
Currently available; drag and drop, image annotation, image hotspot and slider rating.

Also, upload your own Flash based interactions.


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