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 videoAdd 'questions', multiple choice (MCQ) or free text, into a node to reinforce a player's understanding.
You can provide feedback on each particular choice as well as a general comment when the questions are marked.

MCQ scores can be added to a counter for adaptive feedback upon completion of the case.


1 Having clicked the 'Question' button you are presented with the default view.

general view 
2 Select your 'Question Type' from either 'Single Select' (1 answer) or 'Multiple Select' (more than 1 answer).

Enter your question text.
general view
3 Add the possible answers and 'check' the correct choice (radio buttons or check boxes depending on question type).

If you have more than 2 possible answers click 'Add Choice' for more answers.

You can remove choices by clicking the red dustbin icon.
general view
4 You can add feedback to each possible choice.
Click the blue speech bubble icon to the right of each answer and provide a quick comment.
general view
4 Adding 'Question Feedback' again is optional.

Note: this comment will be displayed regardless whether the question is answered correctly.
general view
4 Finally, you assign the score from this question to a counter value.
In our example we have selected 'MCQ Score'
general view
4 This is the view in the UChoose Player having successfully answered the question.

general view

Free Text

You can ask players to provide free text answers to your questions which are then saved to UChoose and can be reviewed later in a feedback session.
A model answer can be presented upon submission allowing players to reflect on their work.

1 Having clicked the 'Question' button select 'Free Text' from the dropdown list.
Enter your question text and supply a 'model' answer in the 'Feedback' field.

Click 'OK' to close the question editor and once again to close the resource editor.
adding free text
2 Previewing the node we can see the question presented for the player to enter their answer and click 'Submit'. preview node 
3 Upon submission the 'model' answer is presented to the player. preview node
4 The player's answer along with the model answer are automatically presented in the feedback session. feedback

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