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Media Library

videoIn all the previous examples (except Question) we have 'uploaded' an entirely new resource.

At some point in the future you may need to re-use this resource in another node or an entirely different case - this is when you use the UChoose Media Library.

The 'Media Library' is available for:

  • video
  • audio
  • Flash
  • Youtube

and the steps involved are exactly the same for each type of resource.

We will use video for our example.


1 Click the 'Browse the Media Library' tab.

The right hand pane shows all the media resources (video in this case) that are available to for to you use.

The 4 search fields act as filters allowing you to narrow the criteria if needed.

By default your username is populated in the 'Uploader' field but you can change this to a colleague's  IF they have shared their resources.

2 Entering the phrase 'My' narrows down the list of videos available as 'Another Video' does not fit the search criteria.

This is useful when you have a particularly long list of resources and you know the title.
3 Click the box to the right of either date fields allows you to narrow down your search further with a date picker.

'My Video' has disappeared from the list having selected a date (11/02/2014) as it was uploaded the day before 'Another Video'.

Again, this is useful when you have a long list of resources.

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