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Managing Nodes

Cases can quickly grow in size and complexity so it's a good idea to manage them early on.

  • use colour to differentiate between node types - setting up a key is a good idea especially if co-authoring
  • turn on functionality labels and labels for easy reference
  • make use of the canvas space and scale (using the slider) - use multiple node select to re-arrange nodes

Coloured Nodes and Key

You can colour nodes and their borders according to whatever criteria you decide.

1 Right click the node you intend to colour and select 'Change Colour'.
Select your colour.

Note: the process is identical for border colour.
colour node
2 In this example below we have denoted the various paths through the case and flagged up a node that requires an image. coloured nodes

Functionality Labels

These labels allow you to see at a glance which node contain resources, rules, counter actions, notes and MCQs.

1 Click the tools menu and select which ever labels you wish to display.

Click anywhere on the canvas to hide the tools menu.

Note: 'Node Counter Actions' and 'Rules' are mutually exclusive although in this example both are displayed for illustration.
tools menu
2 Labels are displayed as shown. node flags

Moving Multiple Nodes and Canvas Space/Scale


1 Use the slider in the top right corner to adjust the scale of the canvas.

To select more than 1 node at a time hold down the 'shift' key as you click each node, selected nodes turn yellow.
You can then drag several nodes across the canvas to create more space as required.

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