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UChoose Authors

Authoring tool canvas The authoring tool is a simple and intuitive WYSIWYG editor allowing you to quickly build simulations using 'decision' branches to provide a variety of different outcomes.

Incorporating rich features such as counters, rules, audio, video, multiple choice questions and a powerful feedback system you will be able to create flexible and challenging learning experiences with the emphasis on decision making.

Useful Tools

Easy to use, time saving features allowing you to concentrate on designing your case

Display Resource Labels

UChoose allows you to view node features at a glance by turning on resource labels.
This is particularly useful as your case grows in size and complexity.

no labels show labels
Canvas - no labels
Canvas - labels

Validate Case

Check your case for:

  • duplicate pathway labels
  • unattached (orphaned) nodes
  • simple loops


Node Title Search

Quickly find, highlight and focus on particular nodes.


Add A Splash of Colour

The UChoose canvas supports 8 different colours for both the node and its border.
You can use different colours to represent different types of node - information node, wrong decision, contains video, ideal path (denoted in yellow), in progress etc.

This is extremely useful for large and complex cases and allows your co-authors to visualise, at a glance, its structure.

Currently selected nodes are highlighted with a yellow halo (Introduction) .


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