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What is UChoose?

UChoose is a web application for authoring and delivering computer simulations of real-life scenarios, decision paths and maze-like activities for the purpose of training, education, or assessment.

The simulations or cases are comprised of nodes. Nodes represent a page in the case. Nodes are connected to each other by pathways which players select to take them to other nodes.


How do I access UChoose?

Anyone can access UChoose.

UWE staff and students can Log in with their UWE username and password.

If you don't have a username and password you can create a new account by going to Register

Once logged in you can view all public cases and request access to other cases, if you have been given a group code you can enter that to view specific cases.

I can't see a case?

If you have been given a group code you need to enter it.

  • Click Get Started, Log in or register (if registering you can enter your code on the registration page)
  • Click "Have a code? Enter it here"
  • Type code into the box and click Enter

If you do not have a code. Click search and find the case you would like access to and click Request Access

I want to create a case

You need to be an author to create a case. If you are not an author and think you should be one contact us

Who created UChoose?

UChoose has been created by the Learning Educational Technologies team at UWE Bristol.


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