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Node Rules

Node rules allow you to display or hide particular nodes based on which nodes the player has previously visited (their journey).

For example:

  • node 'Place order for IT eqiuipment' is only available (visible) having visited node 'Raise Purchase Order'
  • node 'Raise Purchase Order' is no longer available (hidden) once it has been visited


1 We have set up a simple case with 3 initial choices to make.

  • Raise purchase order
  • Order New IT Equipment
  • Upgrade Existing IT Equipment
2 The view from the UChoose player only shows 2 options as 'Order IT Equipment' is hidden.

It will only be visible once 'Raise Purchase Order' has been visited.
player view
3 To set up this condition we need to create a 'Node Rule'.

Double click 'Order New IT Equipment' node and select the 'Rules' tab (or right click the node and select 'Edit' --> 'Edit Display Rules'.

Click the green plus (add) symbol.
5 Select 'Raise Purchase Order' from the node dropdown list and leave 'Visited' add rule dialogue box

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